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Name:Naomi Kimishima
Location:Portland, Maine, United States of America

Naomi Kimishima
Ex-Surgeon & Forensic Pathologist
Trauma Team

Date: Unknown
Year: 2018
Current age: 29

While working at her hospital in Japan, Naomi awakens the Healing Touch, an ability decedents of Asclepius have. Her medical license is stripped and she is called the 'Devil Doctor' because of it.

She escapes by joining 'Delphi', a bio-terrorist group bent on killing all mankind. Truth, she is left in the dark of their operations.

After the raid on Delphi, she moves to Europe with her name back to Naomi Kimishima under witness protection.
Name: Naomi Kimishima
Aliases: Nozomi Weaver (SO)
Nickname(s): Devil Doctor (SO), Corpse Whisperer (TT)
Species: Human
Healing Touch - Stabilizes vitals
Death Call - Hear the dead's final moments

- Exceptionally skilled surgeon, but refuses to operate.
- Assistant is an Ex-Delphi Member. His alias is Michael Navel.
- Played at: No where presently
Date: Unknown
Year: 2020
Current age: 31

No longer able to be a surgeon, Naomi is allowed back in the US, working as a Medical Examiner. Diagnosed with a Genetic Disease, she isn't expected to live more than a year. She dedicates the rest of her life to work.

Meet Alyssa. She becomes a victim of the Raging Bomber. Naomi adopts her.

Infected with Rosalia; it mutates because of the disease present. CR-S01 operates and saves her life. She can go on living...
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"little guy", forensics, truth
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